The Key to Keeping Weight Off

April 30th, 2012

Anyone who has tried to diet knows that there is more to losing weight than just diet and exercise. First of all, losing weight and keeping weight off are two separate matters. If you truly want to keep weight off, you must be sure to take additional measures.

Also, have you ever had the experience of exercising all the time and changing your diet, only to find that you only dropped one or two pounds? No doubt the feeling of stepping on the scale hungry from days of starvation and achy from all the relentless exercising only to find that you have dropped only half a pound is a frustrating feeling. Many dieters have this experience and end up throwing in the towel.

The reason that the above described scenario happens is that people may be taking the physical actions to lose weight, namely reducing their calories and exercising, yet they have not yet adjusted their mind to the task. Plus, many people who struggle with their weight have had years of negative programming around the issue. Our book, Power of Thin, helps you break this mental barrier so that you can program your mind for positive thoughts and permanent weight loss.

Introduction to Our Book, Power of Thin

March 19th, 2012

Everywhere we look it seems that people are struggling to lose weight. We see countless diet plans, diet courses, pills, supplements, classes and the list goes on… People are spending millions of dollars on weight loss products and services, and still not losing weight. Or, perhaps, even worse, they are losing some weight, but then gaining it all back weeks later.

Obviously, losing weight is quite the struggle. Or is it? Here is an interesting idea to consider. Just because everyone is running around saying that it is difficult to lose weight, do we really know this is true? Do we know this beyond a shadow of a doubt? What if there was an easy solution that allowed the pounds to instantly melt away? It would be almost like magic. Is this a fantasy or is there a way to access this sort of magic? After all, we are adults. Shouldn’t we have left these fairy tales behind us at this point in our lives?

As this book will show you, there is indeed a “magic bullet” that will allow you to lose weight. And it isn’t complete fantasy either. In order to reach the diet goals you are seeking to reach, you only need to shift your thinking and follow certain easy guidelines. You just need to be willing to make changes in your thinking.


Steve G. Jones, Ed.S.